Sulis – Personal Purification Device (PPD)

The Sulis PPD™ device provides the individual with quality drinking water from almost any groundwater source. It is a compact, lightweight, simple to operate and cost efficient device even a child can use. Durable and self contained, the Sulis PPD™ device fits onto most standard bottles, water taps and tanks.

The Sulis PPD™ device treats Organic, Biological and Chemical water contaminates and is designed to function in harsh environments. It has been developed to address specific Humanitarian sector needs, as well as offering a unique solution for emergency preparedness response, military operations, global travel and other commercial uses.

The Benefits of Sulis™ PPD:

• Treats most ground and fresh water sources
• Simple and easy to use - by children and all ages
• Fits most standard bottle tops and water taps
• Compact (7 cm) and lightweight
• Weight 70gr
• Durable even in harsh environments
• Self contained device
• Long shelf and service life
• No power source required
• Affordable purchase cost and extremely low cost per litre

Patent Pending PCT/IL 2006/00103

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